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In Dreamworlds dream mastery course you will learn to interpret, and analyse dreams in order to gain insight into your subconscious and how it interacts with the unconscious, collective consciousness and higher self. 

Dreamworlds will introduce you to fundamentals of dreams, types of dreams, dream symbols, archetypes, and the interpretation of dreams to help you gain insight into yourself. You will delve into the concepts of astral travel and lucid dreaming and discover the processes to help you astral travel and become lucid in your dreams. 

We go even deeper to the realm of dream alchemy, where you will learn the possibilities and processes of different types of dream alchemy healing. 

We expand all these concepts even more, to learn about the pure consciousness state and the steps to reach this state. It is our intention that the teachings in this course will lead you to a higher state of awareness.

Inspired World Co-creators

  • Malcolm Wilson

    Founder and Director - Inspired World

    Malcolm Wilson

    Malcolm Wilson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, workshop facilitator, and restless self experimenter with a passion for all that can be achieved within the human experience. Inspired World has been designed to help people learn, grow, heal, and live their utmost potential. Launching with a journey into the practical, powerful, and mystical Dreamworlds course with Melissa Burtenshaw, Inspired World's vision is to continually evolve in alignment with the human potential. When Malcolm isn't pouring himself into his work, he's a partner and a Dad.
  • Melissa Burtenshaw

    Dreamworlds Course Creator

    Melissa Burtenshaw

    Dream Medicine Woman Melissa Burtenshaw has been on a journey of self discovery ever since being introduced to meditation in 2003. Since 2010, she has been studying her dreams . Melissa is passionate about finding inner peace and happiness and is keen to share her wisdom. She brings to Inspired World, knowledge of dreams, the dreamworlds, and pure consciousness. Melissa believes in following her bliss and is determined to live a life of expressing her creativity and wisdom.
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Shaman, Healer, Author - CA, USA

Shaman Jon Rasmussen

Shaman, Healer, Author - CA, USA

"I was fortunate to receive a powerful dream session from Melissa, and so happy to see that through this course, she is allowing all of us to experience that power directly through our own dreamwork and the beautiful energy that comes through as well. Melissa and Malcolm have provided us with the most clear and comprehensive understanding and set of practices to master and gain great benefit from our rich world of dreams and dreaming. This is my go to, and it has really enhanced all of my dreaming abilities. "